Frequently Asked Questions

Do awnings save me money?  Yes.  Awnings over windows block out the sun’s harmful and hot rays preventing them from penetrating  inside the home. Air conditioning systems run more efficiently and cycle on and off less saving money proportionately to the number of awnings installed on the home and the number of windows covered.

Do automated screens block the sun and keep out insects as well?  Yes.  Our patented exterior shade screen system locks itself into the vertical tracks as it rolls downward tensioning the screen in an even and taut position.  The screen matrix is small enough to keep out insects while allowing good airflow and ventilation of the patio or deck area.

How cool is it under a shade structure or shade sail? Quite a lot.  It can be as much as 15 degrees cooler with 96% closed -4% openness shade fabric.

How long does acrylic fabric or knitted shade fabric last?  Both products have manufacturer’s degradation warranties of up to ten years.

How do I know which awning company to choose?  Experienced , qualified awning companies should have the following qualifications:

1. Professional companies will have readily available references that you may contact.

2. Professional companies will offer current and proper insurance coverage that is sent from the insurance agency direct to your fax, e-mail or home address.

3.  Professional companies will have a place of business where products are being fabricated for installation.

4.  Professional companies will have qualified personnel to assist you with design, engineering, HOA approval ( if required), permitting, fabrication and installation of your shade product purchase.

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