Awnings and Canopies. Do they really lower energy bills?

Sombrilla Awning & Sign Company

The answer is yes! Up to 75% of the sun’s heat can be repelled reducing a rooms temperature from 8 to 15 degrees. When the sun shines its bright but destructive rays, awnings and canopies can be used to lower the energy costs and also protect people, window treatments, carpeting and furnishings. You get all of this protection with no impairment of view. In addition, there are literally hundreds of colors, patterns and styles from which to choose. The possibilities are endless.

Looking for more flexibility in a shading system?  Sombrilla offers automated retractable awnings as well as vertical exterior full view shade screens.

Commerical Awnings and canopies become three dimensional signage when professionally applied graphics are used to produce beautiful day and night identification. Combining this fantastic feature with the elegant look that awnings and canopies add to existing architecture will clearly set your building or community project a cut above the competition. Investigate these products for yourself and discover the lasting impact awnings and canopies will make for you and your properties.

David and Lisa Quinn have offered awnings, signs and shades structures in the San Antonio market and surrounding areas since 1986.

As working, hands-on managers we have the ability to maintain excellent quality controls from start to finish insuring each aspect of the fabricating process upholds our standards of excellence.

Sombrilla offers installation services as well as fabrication for all of our products.

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